The Final Leap

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From the beginning, our team has continuously put out all the stops to ensure that you will have the complete experience through each of the processes to enjoy our service. After much time preparing—even through the pandemic—we are finally reaching the last stage of our preparation prior to launching.

Today we are happy to announce that we are now in the final stretch where we will begin to roll out the full testing by early March 2021. This is in our effort to provide a seamless experience from the installation to the activation of our products. The testing stage will be conducted all over Malaysia for both our residential and commercial subscribers. Once the testing is completed and approved, we will be fully ready for launch.

As for new customers, you are welcome to subscribe! Our Sirius Basic Package is still available and if you are one of our first 10,000 subscribers, you will be entitled to be a part of our Allianz Partner Program. Just a heads up, the slots are filling out fast!

Should you have any inquiries, just drop us an email at care@siriusmalaysia.tv and our team will be sure to reply.

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